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Saturday, July 7, 2012

21 Days Post Op

Drum roll please........Today marks the day of no more hip brace and no more need to bolster my feet together to prevent external rotation.  I can now externally rotate and extend.  I have tried both motions and external rotation feels quite nice, not restricted very much.  Extension is another story.  It is quite tight just to stand up straight and tuck my pelvis under myself.  But, I can actually extend a little bit.  It will be intriguing to see how much extension I have at my next PT appointment.

I get my stitches out on Monday at my family physician.  I really could take out my own stitches as I've done it before (to other people), but if I take my last surgery's suture removal as any indication of how deep they place the sutures, I'd prefer somebody else induce that pain on me.  I almost passed out last time.  So, I figured I should have my doc do it.  I needed to see him anyway as a follow-up from a previous appointment with him, so no harm in getting it all done at once.

Otherwise, the CPM in the day is much better.  Although, oddly, I didn't sleep well last night despite not being strapped in the CPM.  Perhaps it is the bolster?  I don't know, but tonight I am just going to use the calf pumps and see how things go.  My back muscles, glutes, and abductors/adductors are all quite tense this evening so I took a muscle relaxant in hopes of alleviating the tension.  Plus I took a Norco simply because my right hip is throbbing and, if I have pills that will help this, why lie awake at night suffering?

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