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Monday, July 23, 2012

Astalavista Baby!!!!!!!!!!!

Astalavista! Ciao! Later! Good bye CPM and leg puffers!  Hallelujah, they are gone, out of sight for at least 9 weeks.  Although this is not a permanent departure from my beloved CPM and leg puffers, it is a welcomed  lengthy break.  What will I do when I don't have the caring caress of the CPM and the oh-so-gentle puff of sweet air against my calf skin all night?  I haven't a clue!

In all seriousness though, I am extremely happy that I made it through these last 5.5 weeks relatively sane.  It's been hard at times, but I've made it.  And in one piece.  I'm still standing tall, even though my right leg hurts like the dickens.  He is not happy about taking over total weight bearing.  At all.  But he'll get his turn to be fixed...all in due time.

I am now 75% weight bearing and will graduate to 100% weight bearing tomorrow.  I can't really stand at 100% yet though, my soft tissue just won't allow it.  I can do a kinda waddle-walk while hanging onto things like counters and such, but it still is light years behind last surgery.  Although we are taking it more conservative (ie add a week onto everything plus more in some areas), I still want more.  Don't we always want more?  I will walk, but I don't expect it to be crutch free at least until the weekend, if not longer.  Slow and stead wins this race.  Grrr....  I do this every time, I tend to do too much to 'strengthen' my leg/butt/hip and then make it sore, let it calm down for a couple days, then repeat the same process.  I should be more gradual with my introduction into walking since I really have no timeline at this point.  Just to get better is my main life goal at the moment and why must I push things? I mustn't do this.

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  1. WOO HOO!! Very exciting!! Cant wait to chat about the freedom you gained ;) And to check in and see how that 100% weight bearing is going!! Time to share new walking stories? SHow and tell haha.. we all push things... just pretend that you are a doctor and frustrated with a patient who pushes things when they shouldnt... then do what you would want the ideal patient to do... if that makes any sense... oh look at me ramble... talk soon!!! ((hugs))