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Thursday, July 19, 2012

33 Days Post Op

Words cannot describe how happy I am that I slept last night.  Although it wasn't extremely easy to get to sleep but I was thankful.  It was the first time since Sunday that I had fallen asleep before 3AM.  I cannot wait to get rid of all of my gear too:  CPM and calf pumps are done this Saturday.  I am returning them on Monday.  I cannot believe how fast time is going.  It's exciting and painful all at the same time.  It can't pass fast enough though as I really need the right side done as well...only 67 days before I'll hopefully be done with hip surgeries for a very long time.  It almost feels wrong to be excited for surgery.

I remain at 50% weight bearing and using the CPM 6 hours a day and puffers at night.  As far as PT goes, I think that he is a bit worried with the anterior capsular pain pattern.  All I can hope for is that this is par for the course at this point in the game.  I have a hard time determining what is normal since I have never actually had a successful surgery.  Don't get me wrong, my left hip is MUCH better compared to before surgery, functionally I am thrilled and can still wash my own feet, cut and paint my toe nails (on my most recently operated side, this is still a struggle on my right side, but that will be fixed in due time), I just have a heightened concern during this recovery as now I have something to lose, and want to keep it!!!

Pain levels are doing alright on the left and not wonderful on my right.  My left side has a lot of soft tissue that is angry, tight, and knotted but the deep groin pain is gone.  I still have, what I beleive to be, anterior capsular pain.  I hope with every fibre of my being it is not getting thickened with scar tissue.  My right side has the deep groin pain that throbs intermittently throughout the day and is worse at night.  I also have lateral and posterior butt pain, which is different compared to my left since my left only had anterior groin pain and decreased ROM.  It will be interesting to see exactly what is going on in my right hip.  We didn't get further in our last appointment than the angles for impingement are still extremely large, especially for having had a previous surgery.  This was partially my fault because the surgeon had proceeded to explain that I will need something done on my right side but when the real problem and concern of the appointment was my left, I then asked immediately what about the left.  And the left has been the focus of everything since. 

And so the hip journey continues.


  1. Hi, I've been following your recovery. So glad to read your doing better with this surgery, you've been through a lot. Keep up with the good work your PT is giving you.

    I have labral tears on both hips, will be going to a surgeon for a consult.

  2. I hear ya!! Sleep... clearly its not happening right now. Im here with you. Being excited for surgery, is completely understood by those that have been through this... Im excited too for you and me!! Keep on plugging away... despite any worries, we are going to get through this and you are doing great!!! :)